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 X-realm DK tank

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PostSubject: X-realm DK tank   Thu Mar 12, 2009 4:08 am

Real life information

Name: Robin

Age: 22

Location: The Netherlands

Occupation: Following a homestudy at the moment so lots of free time.

Which days and hours of the week can you raid: Im basicly online from 12.00 till after midnight, every day.

Any special commitments: Ehr no, have to walk my dog once in a while Smile

Write a bit about yourself (atleast a sentence): Im a 22 year old guy from The Netherlands, recently quit my lameass job to continue getting my degree again and I do this by following a homestudy. Been playing WoW since the release and Vashj is actually my first server where I played a rogue called Tjepper. Never played any other PC game then WoW and im still addicted too it after 4 years of playing.


In game information

Name: Cvz

Level: 80

Class: Death Knight

Talent spec: 8/52/11

Armory link:

What role do you see yourself fitting in a raid: AoE tanking, offtanking on bosses.

Rate yourself at your class (1-10) and explain why:
I would say a 8, I could say I know all ins and outs about the class but I dont, theres always something new you can learn, but I can handle my role as tank good in my own opinion ofcourse.

What is your class' strong points: Great AoE tank and ability to use cooldowns with a short cd.

Are you able to bring consumables (Food, Flasks, Potions, Oil) to raids: Yes ofcourse.

Are you willing to respec and do you have the appropriate gear for it: Yes I am willing too, though I prefer tanking, my dps gear isnt that amazing, mostly hc items.

Any reference from anyone within Endure: No

What can you bring to Endure: (use some time on this answer) A very experienced PvE player starting Pre-BC on Vashj! I love PvE, its the only thing that keeps me playing this silly game, fast learner and able to adapt myself in different situations. Im a hardworking guy when it comes to PvE, no problems with wiping as long as it brings progress, prepared pot/flask wise.

Professions, and are you willing to respec them: At the moment im lvling JC, have no other profession yet, so yeah if you guys would like me to take a certain profession, no problem.

Current/previous guilds: Current guild on Sylvanas EU: No Life is the only guild worth mentioning.

Why did you leave it/them: Still in it because my brother is, but its a mediocre PvE guild with casual raiding, its not what im looking for.

How would you rate your English writing and speaking skills: I think they are both fine, not perfect but Im perfectly understandable both in writing and speaking.

Raid experience Pre-BC and Pre-Wrath: Starts Pre-BC here on Vashj; I played a UD rogue called Tjepper in Illuminati, with them I cleared everything up to Gluth in Naxxramas (no Gothikk or Loatheb) back at 60. In BC I've raided everything up to 6/9 BT as a restoration druid, no experience in SWP though. WoTLK everything up to S2D on my DK.

Link a picture of your UI: Standard UI with DBM and Omen, if its required to show it anyway Ill post a pic, but you can imagine what it looks like Smile.

Anything else you want to add to your application: Hope you guys still need a DK tank and that my application sounds appealing, I will transfer back to Vashj anyway regardless the outcome of my application as I dont feel that Sylvanas is my home. Perhaps I know some people from Endurance from back in the days, perhaps not Smile/

Well this is about it, hope to hear something soon!

Regards Cvz/Tjepper
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PostSubject: Re: X-realm DK tank   Thu Mar 12, 2009 4:09 am

Forgot the army link!
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PostSubject: Re: X-realm DK tank   Thu Mar 12, 2009 4:11 am

Ughh, seems it disappears when I see click send. Anyway you can find me on the armory under the name Cvz, guild No Life on Sylvanas.

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PostSubject: Re: X-realm DK tank   Sun Mar 15, 2009 1:33 pm


We filled the DK tank spot with someone a couple of days ago.

Therefore, you are declined.

Good luck in the future.

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PostSubject: Re: X-realm DK tank   

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X-realm DK tank
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