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 Dangerous (fury warrior)

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PostSubject: Dangerous (fury warrior)   Sat Feb 07, 2009 3:54 pm

Name: Wijnanda

Age: 28

Location: London

Occupation: Product specialist for Corel

Which days and hours of the week can you raid: all days 18.00-24.00

Any special commitments: Hanyaa :p

Write a bit about yourself (atleast a sentence):
Well most of endure already know me. Or have been in the guild with me. So what can I add to this..
Im still that crazy as i was. But a bit more serious.


In game information

Name: Dangerous

Level: 80

Class: Warrior

Talent spec: 18/53/0

Armory link

What role do you see yourself fitting in a raid: doing high dps to get the mobs down asap :p also helping on the shouts for the fellow melee or tanks

Rate yourself at your class (1-10) and explain why: 8 have improved my skills greatly and learned a lot as a dps warrior in nidvardir, but there is always room to improve yourself. Also nobody is perfect and strive to perfection is a good goal and motivation to be the best to get to the 10 rating.

What is your class' strong points: Titans Grip :p gotta love it. Due to the changes in Wotlk warriors can do burst damage and do a lot of damage in longer fights. Even though the deep wounds is being nerfed (damn blizzard) we will still do significant dps. Also the comming changes which will be a buff for us. We can switch stances without loosing a lot of rage. Which is also nice when you can do overpower as a fury warrior. Having the perfect rotation and calculating a couple sections before you do an ability is a nice challenge in the warrior.

Are you able to bring consumables (Food, Flasks, Potions, Oil) to raids: Yes ofc never leave the city without it. I have cooking so food buffs are nice. Since my alt is an alchemist i have unlimited supply of flasks and pots.

Are you willing to respec and do you have the appropriate gear for it: Yes i am willing, but my prot gear is not much to write home to. Have some heroic pieces and badge gear. Im just below the defence cap which can be resolved with some gems.

Any reference from anyone within Endure: I know Yukora, mandatory and elakekent

What can you bring to Endure: (use some time on this answer)
I am set out to prove myself as a top player. I will work as hard as I can and learn as much as I can to prove that. I come prepared every raid with tonnes of consumables and am willing to spend to get the best gems and enchants possible.
Also i would bring loyalty and a female touch to the guild :p

Professions, and are you willing to respec them:
Im armour smith since vanilla wow and mining. I can change ofc but i rather keep the blacksmithing because of the extra sockets in gloves and bracers also the belt buckle

Current/previous guilds:
Old school:
Lament – Cleared MC and ZG was tank at those times. The guild sadly disbanded en formed Reunion – cleared ZG, AQ20, MC and BWL. Left reunion for personal reasons and joined Phoenix. Done MC, BWL ZG AQ20 and 40 and 5 bosses in Naxx.

Burning Crusade:
Joined VTS – Cleared Kara and started SSC cleared it on my druid (not on my warrior) VTS died and I quitted for a while do to that I moved to England. After my break got the feeling to raid again and joined Logic. Cleared Kara SSC and TK MH and BT. Due to differences left for Minions to try continue raiding. The guild became a social guild until WotLK came out.

Wrath of the Lich King
Powerlvl’d in Minions. Blashy asked me to apply which I did and got accepted into Nidvardir as a fury warrior. We cleared Naxx 10, 25 man Sartharion 10 and 25 man and cleared Malygos 10 man. We did tries on 25 man but because we lacked people for raids we were not able to get the kill.

Why did you leave it/them:
the reasons are in the list above Razz
But why i want to leave Nidvardir: is because sadly the guild died slowly after the holiday break in december. We were lacking people for the raids and in the end we were unable to make any raid, people left for other guilds.

How would you rate your English writing and speaking skills:
I can make some nasty typo's but my english is overall ok. I have to since i live in the uk Razz

Link a picture of your UI: (Upload it at

Will link my ui asap since im making this apply on my laptop.

Anything else you want to add to your application:
<3 make love not warcraft :p
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PostSubject: Re: Dangerous (fury warrior)   Sat Feb 07, 2009 7:19 pm

Dangerous is a very good player, she was a bit offline in nidvardir for me to see her get more gear or was it just the massive amount of warriors and dk's that made me miss it. I got nothing but positive words and she is one of the best female warriors i have met. And she is totally a guild member that sticks around, even with the problems of fitting in warriors into nidvardir she stayed through thick and thin to be there, even when people left nidvardir she stayed and that is in fact a true person to count on. I don't her personally but through the time i played with her in Nidvardir i have always come in discussion with here about improving overall dps, not that she needed it or need it now, it's just that she is a also a person that likes to know different rotations and other ways to be better.

Hope sincerely we can squeeze 3 dps warriors into a rotation for spots that fits, i can gladly give my spot for her np.
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PostSubject: Re: Dangerous (fury warrior)   Sun Feb 08, 2009 2:35 am

fuck you cunts, deleting my post :<
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PostSubject: Re: Dangerous (fury warrior)   Sun Feb 08, 2009 5:58 pm

Dang wrote:

Also i would bring loyalty and a female touch to the guild :p

We already have :<
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PostSubject: Re: Dangerous (fury warrior)   

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Dangerous (fury warrior)
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