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 Jedilion - Death Knight (DPS)

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PostSubject: Jedilion - Death Knight (DPS)   Sat Feb 07, 2009 12:58 am

Real life information

Name: Eirik S. Mæhre

Age: 20 (21 in April)

Location: Norway, near Kristiansand

Occupation: F-16 Crew Chief Sergant in the Royal Norwegian Air Force (RNoAF)

Which days and hours of the week can you raid:
Im having some exams in my technical training coming up in some weeks, but these are minor too those coming later near the summer vacation. So atm, i will have alot of time too play online, if you need me f.example for anything like HCs etc, im there, so i guess 4-5 days a week, i will be online every day cuz of the JC quest though Wink

Any special commitments:
As my brother Avanox, i also have played in alot of guilds.. alot.. sadly alot of them werent like extremly bad nor perfect, i would say in the middle, so alot of whipes. Im a patient person so loot isnt that of a problem for me, but ofc, injustice is a problem for me. If your wondering about this, just ask Wink Also, in a week or so, i will be traveling for 5 working days, so i will not be online.

Write a bit about yourself (atleast a sentence):
Im a polite and resourceful person willing to give what i can, if not, well, im doing my best. in my current situation i train alot in the Air Force, so every day, i work from 07:00 until 16:00 then i work out at 17:00 until 18:30 or smth, but i vary this if a raid starts during this time, to make it.


In game information

Name: Jedilion

Level: 80

Class: Death Knight

Talent spec:
My talents are atm, see link, a dps/pvp spec. Since atm im just doing som pvp's with a mate of mine. Usualy im dps unholy spec, but that varies cuz, if a death knight in this guild has the spec with unholy aura and some talents specialized in frost this gives a raid buff of unholy time, whil another DK would go "funholy" with more frost "f" that gives more attack speed for the raid. Atm i can replace my gear so that i can have up until 400 hit, i can also gear myself to obtain about 3,7k AP, thus giving me more dmg with unholy. Ive atm followed some pages that has given me alot of pointers too my class isDPS Compendium DK. This page is a great guide for all dps DKs imo. I have also gatherd various epics and crafted som gear too tank HCs etc, so for me its not a problem to be geared to tank instances if that is wanted by this guild.
Atm i can be whatever the guild wants; Here is a list of the specs that i love and use atm:

Unholy 17/0/54
This build is mostly a Raid Unholy/blood spec that is most common for all DKs which builds upon high end blues and a couple of HC epix, which scales very well with Str and AP. Unholy with Wandering plague your able to maintain a high aoe dps.

Frost Tanking 14/50/7
A single target tanking build, i could also show a multi aoe tanking build, but this is my favourite. Uses Death Rune Mastery and Blood of the North for easy rotation changes. Build relies on increasing avoidance stats through talents in all trees. With Rune Tap as self healing. Some talents are used towards a guaranteed activation from blood of the north which should improve the secondary avoidance provided by blade barrier, while at the same time improving the overall versatility of the build. Some points could also be picked out but this is also something that i can vary depending on the instance, if i would like to make those changes to max my tanking talents.

Unholy frost pvp build
This my spec atm. An Unholy/frost build that relies on max pvp capabilities. I ran through some heavy pages with pvp information to gather what really i needed for 2v2 and 3v3 etc. An this is the spec that I finnaly came up with, or, guided too. Hehe. It relies on Killing Machine, Lichbourne, and improved icy touch from frost and a normal but a little different unholy part which is similar to that of a raid build, but with some midifcations as you can see.

What role do you see yourself fitting in a raid:
My role will be that guy that pulls the sparks to the center in a maly fight, a dps dk that gives full power on dmgmeters. I will also be that guy that makes those sun rock rings (if you dont know what sun rock ring is, well, you will know once im raiding with you, its not a buff or smth) and gives JC crafts to everyone for free, (got alot of recipies, /w me ingame) and i also have Enchanting, always at service.

Rate yourself at your class (1-10) and explain why:
8/10 As ive mentioned above, ive read alot. but there is allways more to read, about your class that someone else has found out. This class is also imo, still a little fresh from the owen. I use alot of time on pages, finding out that little extra that can give me a boost. I have also played warrior before as my twin brother Avanox, so im very familiar to the melee class with gear and behavoir.

Atm i find DKs very imbalanced, they have a high dmg output at times, and with their presences they can switch easily to tanking, lifesteal or haste/attacspeed. They are tough, CC abilities and with simple talent speccs they can withstand insane dmg inputs, like in a sartharion tanking situation.

What is your class' strong points:
My class has with an Unholy spec, ofc, a high aoe output that is instane and with the ammount of gear applicable could deal anywhere from 3k - 6k dps easily with a combo of talents and abilities. Blood spec with a high end epic gear and a 2h could prove to be a good dps'er when comming to single target bosses, which is imo very similar to frost, which is more of the spec that relies on tanking ofc, but has some great advantages with howling blast for aoe. So a spec with blood and frost, or a spec with unholy and frost, this beeing that frost is a low-spent-talent tree, is normal. with the correct rotation a Unholy or Blood Dk can give an endless and stable dps, which is versous mage/hunter which relies on mana, is good.

Are you able to bring consumables (Food, Flasks, Potions, Oil) to raids:
I have Flasks allways with me, popped, and food, which is bought on AH to give me the best buff, since the "feast" imo is not that great. I also have health pots available,

Are you willing to respec and do you have the appropriate gear for it:
I have ofc full tanking gear, def cap, and full dps gear, but as my brother i also have tanked a great deal of my pre-playtime, but it isnt a problem for me too tank if that is what the guild wants.

Any reference from anyone within Endure:
None really, I head that you guys where great by some friends of mine, blikker, and also friends that are atm applying for this guild because of the unfortinate sad things that have happened recently. Thus I believe that you guys are more friendly but also a more challenging guild that wants to do more, versous the more boring Project Eden that "we" left, which for my part is more of an inconvinience, since, i have been active almost since release, and to be frankly, the last month, i havent done a decent 25 man naxx raid, which kinda makes me angry, since I have still things to get from there to complete my gear and become an exellent dps DK. (or tanky), so that i can be more of an asset for the guild.

What can you bring to Endure: (use some time on this answer):
I can give a stable, thrustworthy and loyal player that gives all for the guild, never goes emo because of epic items and such. I have seen my part of this. I will give my best output dps that i can do with the restrictions put on me by my gear. I also farm alot of cash while i play, so financial problems often find their way to me to be solved.. hehe ^^ (Im the filthy rich guy with JC and Enchanting..) But seriusly. Im a very helpful and kind fella.

Professions, and are you willing to respec them:
Atm i have the optimal proffesion setup of JC and Enchanting, thus giving me prismatic gems that give me more, and enchanted rings. I allways give the best of enchants to my gear. An if anyone needs cuts, im there, for free. If there was an item that was soulbound by a Blacksmither that i would need, then i would respec enchanting, and i would lvl BS just to get that item, if that would enhance my gear.

Current/previous guilds:
Atm im in Nidvardir, with my brothers, just looking for a guild. My brother as elegantly written a wonderful tale of our eviction from the high and holyiest guild of them all, Project Eden, the light of the gods.. Sadly i would not comment this, because im finished with the matter, because when i asked why i got kicked, i got the responce "your stupid". So its only a matter of childish acts from their side.

Why did you leave it/them:
Im following my twin brother Avanox and his descision means alot too me, not that i cant make any, its not like that, its more of whom i would like to raid with, and i dont see myself in "W I C K E D" nor any other "tard" guild, i would love to be in a guild that gives me what I want and at the same time gives the guild what it wants. Utializes both parts and produces 100%.

How would you rate your English writing and speaking skills:
As my brother delicately putted it, not superb but mediocre. I understand 99% of the words, but sometimes i get kinda confused by the meaning of the stacked words that come blabering down the chat with cuts in the words. Anyhow, i would say that communication is the most important tool that humanity has created and of such i have learned both english and partwise french.

Raid experience Pre-BC and Pre-Wrath:
Well, me and my brother played korean beta's, a long long time ago. Ive played in Molten Core, started raiding there with a full norwegian guild, and we cleared all the way up till Naxx40 man, and we cleared 2 wings i believe before TBC came out. I took a little break, because I had just used 1 and half year getting epix, killing dragons and stuff, and then suddenly, im standing in hellfire peninsula, killing some lame boar.. that kinda made me go sidewalls while i was serving in the RNoAF. I joined the crew of Nidvardirs and went some TBC instances, same as before, alot of the same tactics that i remembered from Vanilla WoW, i would also make a remark here, Oldschool people have a greater understanding of wow that newbeginners, because we know that if something pops on the floor, its not good for us, its normal for us, we kinda have it in our blood, and if I seem coocky as my brother, well, i appologize, just imo. When Wotlk came out, it was a race of time, playing DK, because everyone wanted to be the first, and best ofc. cant say that i nailed it with my "army exercises" in the forrest for 1-2 weeks, so i couldnt acctuly be the best there. Whice imo means alot too me.

Link a picture of your UI:
I am sorry, but i dont have any special mods, exept Recount Dmg meters and bossmods etc etc. which is normal for a raider. I have several macros that i use.

Anything else you want to add to your application:
As My brother delicately putted it, I hope your not the same as PE, because then i really dont know what to do ^^ I hope this was good reading for some, i would also appologize for all the writing errors etc etc. I usually have alot, and even though I scan the text, there are allways some typos that get away. Just say if there are any that bother you.



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PostSubject: Re: Jedilion - Death Knight (DPS)   Mon Feb 09, 2009 2:39 am

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Jedilion - Death Knight (DPS)
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