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 Unstoppabull - Fury Warrior

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PostSubject: Unstoppabull - Fury Warrior   Sat Jan 31, 2009 2:07 am

Real life information

Name: Sid(ney)

Age: 19

Location: Netherlands

Occupation: Student, Network Infrastructure Design

Which days and hours of the week can you raid: Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday(if really needed) from 18.00-1.00

Any special commitments: Girlfriend: Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 20.00 ~ 23.00. Work: Wednesday & Thursdays from 12.30 ~ 16.30

Write a bit about yourself (atleast a sentence):


In game information

Name: Unstoppabull

Level: 80

Class: Tauren Warrior

Talent spec: Fury

Armory link: - I play with a pretty random spec, mainly focused on my current gear stats and raid buffs etc (for example no Commanding Presence due to the fact that most 25 man raids contain Retribution Paladins)

What role do you see yourself fitting in a raid:

Rate yourself at your class (1-10) and explain why: Hard to say really, depends on the spec:

For fury I'd put myself on an 9 or so, I know the ins and outs of my spec... Know how to play it and I ensure I output the highest ammount of dps I can possible do. About 5 months ago I joined Juggernaut as a fury warrior, and was an utter scrub compared to now. I read, I learned from the masters themselves (Ajaxx, Gormak) and found how to really utilize my spec to the fullest.

For protection I'd say I'm around a 7.5. I really enjoy the tanking on its own, but get frustrated as soon as people start messing around in my normal instance rotations (making me taunt when they don't attack the proper target etc etc). That's basically why I don't really tank anymore, but could always go back if needed.

Arms on the other hand, I don't rate myself too high. I just don't like it.. easy as that. The only reason I'd use it would be for PVP, but I am so utterfucking bad at it I don't even want to talk about it lol!

What is your class' strong points: Awesome PVP (if teamed properly) class, High survivability and sick DPS if played properly! The warrior is a total package Smile

Are you able to bring consumables (Food, Flasks, Potions, Oil) to raids: I have a special bag assigned for stuff like that! I always have flasks, elixirs and even scrolls ready when it's raid time, no shortage of gold to buy them either.

Are you willing to respec and do you have the appropriate gear for it: Only if the guild really needs me to. I enjoy playing fury a lot, and I doubt there's any other class/spec that I would enjoy playing more then this. Obviously if we'd be short of a tank for a raid, I would have no problems respeccing for it.. as long as my mainspec for 80% of the raids is fury I'm all good with it. The gear on the other hand, I dropped my engineering today. Which made me lose my goggles, but I'm leveling Jewelcrafting which will give me utter most awesome Prismatic gems, so crit immunity shouldn't be a problem.

But then again, arms on the other hand. I'd really like to avoid it, and I see no point respeccing arms since it's no benefit to the raid in what so ever way.

Any reference from anyone within Endure: Ocha, Clwn, Dreiko, Kat, Boney, Ambro, Chance. Anything that used to be juggernaut really. And furbee, for being my sexy jewelcrafter Smile I'll have to refrain from undercutting you now lol :>

What can you bring to Endure: (use some time on this answer) A good source of DPS. A reliable & friendly (dreiko might beg to differ here, /hug) guy who's always up for a laugh and a chat really. A warrior with digital ambitions (lol), no really. I'm always looking for a guild that suits my personal goals in the game: To have fun, and to be top notch. I can bring endure (according to other warriors) one of the best fury warriors available to Vashj, one that is prepared to do whatever it takes to be the best of the best ^^

Professions, and are you willing to respec them: Mining (450) and Jewelcrafting (275). Erhm well, I am respeccing them at this very moment. I used to be Engineering (450) and Mining (450) but I decided to switch to Jewelcrafting (for the prismatic gems) and Blacksmithing (for the extra sockets) to increase my overall performance.

Current/previous guilds: Juggernaut, Project Eden, Minions(current guild, got invited 3 seconds after I left Eden.. for no reason at all)

Why did you leave it/them: The reason I joined Juggernaut, was to be the best possible guild in WOTLK.. Sadly enough things did not work out and it disbanded. The reason I joined Project Eden was exactly the same, I joined them to be the best, they promised me lots of things.. but they did not fit their promises and I decided to leave.

How would you rate your English writing and speaking skills: It's not really something I can judge myself.. I think the best people to fill that in would be all ex Juggs.

Raid experience Pre-BC and Pre-Wrath: Pre-BC I only did Molten Core on a private server. Pre-wrath I've done up to Black-Temple (skipped SSC) and a few parts of Sunwell, even though we horribly failed.

Link a picture of your UI: (Upload it at
Rick is probably going to lolstorm on my face when he sees this.. but oh well:

Anything else you want to add to your application:
Ocha told me you already had a fury warrior.. but nonetheless I'm still giving it a go. I hope you will still look into this application Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Unstoppabull - Fury Warrior   Sun Feb 01, 2009 3:30 pm

gl bull man hope u get in Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Unstoppabull - Fury Warrior   Mon Feb 02, 2009 1:42 am

if ur ingame tomorrow at raid time (19.00) we can have a talk.
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PostSubject: Re: Unstoppabull - Fury Warrior   

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Unstoppabull - Fury Warrior
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