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 Phantatisk 80 mutli druid

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PostSubject: Phantatisk 80 mutli druid   Fri Jan 23, 2009 1:45 am

In game information

Name: Søren
Age: 16
Location: north Denmark
Occupation: Student
Which days and hours of the week can you raid: i can basically raid every day. (might be except Friday/Saturday)
Any special commitments: got a family so have to be social once in a while but ill try and fit it in in your raiding plan.
Write a bit about yourself (at least a sentence): Well im 16 years old goes to a school in Denmark so ill have my exams this summer. but ill try and be active as much as possible in that period. i like to play on my computer or Xbox and listens to Rock music Very Happy i don't suffer from any attention disorders or anything so i am able to focus 100% under a raid.


Real life information

Name: Phantastisk
Level: 80 ?
Talent spec: Well here is the deal. ur searching for a feral druid or a resto druid so i can play as both. tho my feral gear is a bit better.
Armory link: i will normally use my feral gear but my resto gear is quite ok to.
Are you willing to respec and do you have the appropriate gear for it: got 1.7k healing 849 spirit 361 haste 13% crit 853 and 19k mana Whitout Resto spec.
What can you bring to Endure: 5% crit. a moving wall, a cute cat or a tree
Professions, and are you willing to respec them: got herbalism / alch and i wouldn't like to change them because of 2000 health hot and better use of flasks.
Current/previous guilds: Odyssey is my current guild. we have been trying to keep it up but i have decided to give up since lack of interest from alot of people. i was in endure pre tbc but left because we stopped raiding and wanted to clear Black temple before wrath came out Very Happy
How would you rate your English writing and speaking skills: my writing and speaking is quite good. i get great grades and been raiding since i was 13.
Raid experience Pre-BC and Pre-Wrath: Pre tbc i took everything but nax on a shaman.
Anything else you want to add to your application: im a dedicated player who's self supplying. i always bring tons of food / flasks to raid and im not afraid to use them!
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Phantatisk 80 mutli druid
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