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 Mortos UD Mage

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PostSubject: Mortos UD Mage   Fri Apr 24, 2009 3:20 pm

Name: Ido Panski

Age: 25

Location: Israel, Tel Aviv

Occupation: Student

Which days and hours of the week can you raid:
Tuesdays can only come at around 20:30, unavailable on Thursday (might change), any other day - technically free from 17:00-01:00 (though I'm not counting on raiding 6 days a week)

Any special commitments: only the Thuesday that I have a late class… and probably Thursdays that I started a tabletop roleplay game

Write a bit about yourself (atleast a sentence): I’m a gamer, played computer games since I remember mysef, was hooked to blizzard from the day of Warcraft: Orcs and Humans, and loved every single thing they made since, on my free time (apart from playing wow) I organize fan-base and role-play conventions.


In game information

Name: Mortos

Level: 80

Class: Mage

Talent spec:
20/51/0 Raiding Fire, and Dueling to 20/0/51 Solo/PVP Frost.

Armory link:

What role do you see yourself fitting in a raid:
Single target DPS, AoE, Crowd Control, doing special required jobs (like pressing the cubes in Magtheridon)

Rate yourself at your class (1-10) and explain why: 8-9
I’ve played my mage for more then 4 years and more then 160 days in /played… been with him when he was a baby in MC decursing Lucy, to Tanking in Grull to lolling in Naxx-Warth, He saw through every raid content but Naxx-Vanila and Sunwell, I’m know my class well, soloing, Group and Raiding… even dub in PVP (but not too much). I read everything there is to read about Mages and Boss fights and know enough to blank the newbs and read only those who have something decent to add
Reason it’s not 10, is cause
1. I can always do better, 2. I never did high level Arena so while I’m not your average joe at PVP can’t say I’m amazing. 3. You can’t Raid as Frost and kite/tank heroic adds (TBC, pre “epics for all”).

What is your class' strong points:
Crowd Control (and thanks to Blizzard they returned the function in Ulduar), Great DPS while standing still, capability of doing great AoE (though not in the Fire Spec), good ways to get out of FIRE – “Blink”, and the save me button of “Ice Block”, interesting 'purge' of SpellSteal plus it has the Amplify and Dampen magic spells that aren’t used as much as they should be.

Are you able to bring consumables (Food, Flasks, Potions, Oil) to raids:
Yes, am a Cook and Fisher so no problem there… Potions are a lot easier now that you don’t chuck 5 per boss, and Flasks can be bought.

Are you willing to respec and do you have the appropriate gear for it:
Yes, no problem, prefer to play in a spec that have more then 1 or 2 buttons, but since only Frost is that boring atm and its not raid-viable, then sure.

Any reference from anyone within Endure:
Nope, looked at the forum for a guild that do the content I’m doing atm (Killed Mimiron on Ulduar)

What can you bring to Endure: (use some time on this answer)
A Good view on Raiding, the knowledge that WoW is a game, you play to win but also to have fun.
One less voice to cry when things are tough or bug the Raid leaders (been Guild Leader for a long time, know how it is).

Professions, and are you willing to respec them:
Tailoring, Enchanting… really prefer not to respec.. Ive worked my ass on those (was server first in Tailoring) have tons of rare enchanting stuff from AQ and Kara, would really not like to start it over when time has come
On another hand if Tailoring would not have gotten the buff it needed Id have respec JC.

Current/previous guilds:
Serendipity on Mazrigos in Wrath, Supreme and Sanctum in TBC, Ascension, Phoenix and Distortion in Vanilla.
I'm currently on Calamitous Intent but thats just a friends guild, not raiding or anything.

Why did you leave it/them:
1. Couldn’t raid for a long while (not the 5 out of 5 days they asked for) and now I’m their 4th Mage there so only raid sparsely (once a week)
2. Missed my RL friends in Vashj, to go to a fun instance here and there.

How would you rate your English writing and speaking skills:

Raid experience Pre-BC and Pre-Wrath:
ZG, AQ20, MC, BWL, AQ40 (up to Twins), Kara, Grull, Magi, SSC, TK, MH, BT (in other words, everything but Naxx-Vanilla and Sunwell)

Anything else you want to add to your application:
I’ve been Raid Leading and Guild leading for a long while, and even though I stopped doing it I still have the urge to learn every aspect of the game beyond my class.
Last note on the Achievement front, I did do 3drake, 6 min Maly, 20 men and many others.

Link a picture of your UI: (Upload it at
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PostSubject: Re: Mortos UD Mage   Fri Apr 24, 2009 4:35 pm

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Mortos UD Mage
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